Over 100 years of combined experience We cater to our client's every financial need Experience and personal service that has been lost in the race to become eletronic

Mission Statment

CC Trading is a full-service Introducing Broker designed to cater to its client’s every financial need.

We provide service and over 100 years of combined experience to the ever changing needs of clients in this financial world. We custom build alternative portfolios based upon a range of factors and focus on total return not just on reducing beta.

While some firms have been around for 100 years and say the commodity bull market is back, our firm’s partners have actually been trading since the first commodity bull market. We have the continuous experience and service where others do not.

At CC Trading, we are not just a trading firm, we are trading. All of the founders have either traded on the floor, worked upstairs at the exchange, or traded upstairs. We will always be available to assist you so you can do what is most important: trade.

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